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cam williams headshot 2013Cam Williams is out reach and branding for Transformation Station of SLC. She is our online marketing specialist. She is responsible for  building and creating our newsletter, event coordinating, In house class development and support our current fifteen practitioners in our company. 

In addition she builds our video shorts, blogs and stream lines marketing for the Transformation Station Community. Cam is supported by the staff and members of the Transformation Station, she is humbled and grateful for those that assist her in tasks at hand. Cam Williams is published Author of the books, The Utah Guide to Healthy Living and the National Guide to Alternative Health care. Cam has been involved personally in the Deeksha process of Awakening for the past 4 years, involved in health and wellness for 20+ years and has been a seeker of the Divine in all those she is blessed to server. Cam is widely known in our community and deeply respected for her abilities to be of kind service and stellar seem less events.
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Cam has been with us for the last four weeks her work has been powerful Below what has been produced.
  • Adding morning 9 am classes Monday through Friday.
  • Adding noon classes and workshops Monday through Friday.
  • Filling our Event Rm with Special Guest from around the world.
  • Communicating and involved with local business, through partnerships and events.
  • Studying the NoviChi light sound therapy to enhance our practice.
  • Creating a store for our local artist to display and sell their work.
  • Adding her life time of abilities to connect providers on a global level with her Marketing for Gurus Directory.

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Transformation Station Presents: NoviChi
Anti-Aging and Regeneration Intro
Brought to you by NoviChi founders
Kevin & Julia J Johnson
Free sample sessions will be available for those who are
Interested in a personal NoviChi experience:
NoviChi Anti-aging protocols include:
Eye support for aging eyes
Brain support for the aging brain
Musculoskeletal protocols for joints, aches, and pain
Organ Support protocols for organ function
Arthritis protocol
Anti-aging regeneration protocol
Guest Speaker Debbie Hardison will share her NoviChi experience.
Please join us on October 30, 2014 at 7:00 pm
Address: 1111 E. Brickyard Rd. (3190 S.) Salt Lake City

— at Transformation Station of Salt Lake City.

Julia J. Johnson

NoviChi, Founder