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Angela Gifford, Owner/ Founder

80Angela Giffiford Owner Transformation Station of Salt Lake City 1-550-2953

Angela is a Licensed Massage Therapist with her own practice with-in the Transformation Station. Angela has a passion of “calling in the Angels” in all she creates, has benefited all those around her and the center. She is a Mother, Wife and the owner of the Transformation Station. These important commitments are hard to balance however she excels in all areas of her life.

Angela specializes in the NoviChi, which is a Light Sound device. NoviChi is an amazing tool that has been created from a philosophy that people can change. People can heal on a physical level as well as a mind level.  The opportunity to  re-write their future while processing their past.  NoviChi can bring us forward into victory.  We can conquer so many of our Health Challenges.  NoviChi could be your tool for permanent lasting change.  as well as I health. Contact Angela today.




cam williams headshot 2013Contact: Cam Williams, Event Coordinator, Marketing and Out Reach. fShe will assist you with space for rent, classes to teach, events to plan, therapy rooms for your practice. Our intention is to support your greatness.  We are about community. We are about you.


Check out what we are continuing to create and join us!

Cam will be adding a directory of Alternative Health providers and services shortly to the Transformation Station Website. Stay tuned and join in!



holly_stokes transformation station Holly Stokes provides for us the Meet Up Group connection for Transformation Station.

Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer

If you have any questions feel free to contact her for more details.

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