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1979730_839326989422629_8781936680094674058_n Stress Relief for the Holidays with Hypnosis

  • Thursday November 13, 2014
    at 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

    Located at The Transformation Station of SLC, Ut

The Holidays are here – more parties, more shopping, more people on the roads and with it all comes with more stress!There are many things you can do to de-stress, but these activities only de-stress you after it has already happened. Come discover how you can train your brain to curtail the stress response before it happens.We’ll use some Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP techniques plus hypnosis to set up your mind to stress less.

Cost $10.

Holly Stokes,
The Brain Trainer
Contact Us, if you would like to rent “Event Space” for your classes, workshop or parties We are remarkable!
Cam Williams, Event Coordinator 801-529-5892


Transformation Station Presents: NoviChi
Anti-Aging and Regeneration Intro
Brought to you by NoviChi founders
Kevin & Julia J Johnson
Free sample sessions will be available for those who are
Interested in a personal NoviChi experience:
NoviChi Anti-aging protocols include:
Eye support for aging eyes
Brain support for the aging brain
Musculoskeletal protocols for joints, aches, and pain
Organ Support protocols for organ function
Arthritis protocol
Anti-aging regeneration protocol
Guest Speaker Debbie Hardison will share her NoviChi experience.
Please join us on October 30, 2014 at 7:00 pm
Address: 1111 E. Brickyard Rd. (3190 S.) Salt Lake City

— at Transformation Station of Salt Lake City.

Julia J. Johnson

NoviChi, Founder

tslogPaint Your Art Out!!!!! with Shawn Gallaway …..Intuitive Art Sessions
Sunday, September 28, 2014
Brought to you by the Transformation Station
Fee: $35.00
This workshop is designed to explore the medium of painting by accessing the internal artist through meditation and movement. As we activate the emotional body, and come from a place of feeling, we can discover the rich inner worlds that come to life as one express’s the souls light through the use of living color. They are great for anyone interested in adding depth of feeling to their present work, feeling creatively stifled or blocked, or for those choosing to heal childhood experiences of shame related to the arts. They’re very insightful, great fun and a great way to lighten up and let go!

Some paint and brush supplies will be available. Please bring 2 poster boards or art paper.

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