How do you know you are loved?  What evidence do you need in order to know you are loved?  What an interesting question!  For some people they know they are loved when given affection, for others it’s respect.

Most people tend to give the evidence what they need in order to feel loved.  For example, let’s say our couples are Respect and AffectionAffection will pour on the affection to Respect, in hopes that Respect will know he’s loved and start giving affection to Affection.  Have I lost you yet?

You can begin to see the problem already . . . Respect isn’t feeling loved, no matter how much affection he is given.  He needs respect to feel loved!  Which isn’t to Affection doesn’t love him.  She just hasn’t been able to show him in a language that he understands; whether that language is respect, affection, being heard, being understood, or the occasional back rub.

The purpose of our Cupid’s Aim Workshop is to examine and understand some of these unconscious patterns.  Each couples’ love dynamic is a unique and often complicated dance.  You can imagine how much more love each person in the relationship is going to feel once they are given the evidence they need.

Join Jonathan Rudd and Paul Rudd for this workshop, “Cupid’s Aim” on Sunday, October 23 at the Transformation Station of SLC from Noon to 2:00pm.  Cost is $60 for couples; $35 for singles.







On September 20th, 7 PM, at the Transformation Station, room 2B, 933 E 3300 S., Certified Iris Analyst, Colin Gates, will be conducting an introductory seminar on iridology. Iridology, is much more than just the study of the iris. It is much more than just a definition of the word.


Basics of iridology and cellular and organ functions will be taught. The exactness of iridology will be explained and the associated True Foods For Man dietary program will be presented. The basic, or first part, of the True Foods For Man program, that provides the foundation for health improvement and recovery from disease and debilitating conditions, will be presented as well. The second part, an analysis of an individual’s eyes, and personal, natural remedial program to health, is available after the seminar for those interested. There is a fee for the iris analysis. It is in three parts; the seminar, pictures of an individual’s eyes, and a personal consultation showing results and providing remedies.


The seminar itself is free. It is designed to give a general overview of functional anatomy and iris analysis. Although iris analysis has been around for decades, to most it is relatively new. The seminar is designed to provide knowledge and confidence in a little known practice that may have answers and cures the medical professionals cannot provide. There are no obligations associated with the seminar, just listen and learn.


The purpose of the seminar is to share information and provide a foundation for understanding the principles of iridology, anatomy, physiology, naturopathy and how the iridology program can help you maintain and/or recover your health. The free seminar also sheds light on the basic flaws of modern medicine, how to halt and counter the destruction of modern medicine’s ravages.


Mr. Gates’ formal education includes anatomy, physiology, exercise physiology, growth and development , kinesiology, bio mechanics, bio chemistry, motor learning, coaching, athletic injuries, and other related fields. Over a decade of martial arts studies (including tai chi and qigong) led to an informal education in Chinese medicine.


A history of college sports and many years of subsequent sports involvement, including current keen competition, sports therapy and coaching, combined with qigong and iridology, has provided Mr. Gates with a unique, functional program.


Still competing and training in a number of sports, instituting aspects of his education, Sifu Gates has an integrated approach to determining conditions of cells and organs and providing evaluations of the conditions, with corresponding techniques and natural remedies.


Come prepared for an informative and interactive seminar.


For more information call:

Colin Gates: 801 427-5539


Gratitude- Top 10 Lists

I espouse wholeness. Connecting our spirits and our bodies creates harmony and builds a complete soul. To this end I ask readers to try this exercise: Identify your top ten best physical features, and then rank your top ten worst features. This exercise has a point. Please do it now. Scribble your lists on a napkin, notepad, or even better, write them in the comments section of this blog. Don’t think or censor, just write 10 best features and 10 worst.

How many items actually made it onto your “best feature” list? Did you strain your brain to find more than five? This exercise often reveals the second list to be much longer than the first. Sadly, we tend to rehearse our flaws in our own minds as well as discussing them with others. But, rarely do we shout to the world that we have beautiful hands and an elegant nose. When was the last time you told someone, out loud, about your best features?

Identify which items on your “worst” list are not remedied with greater health and balance. (Put a star or doodle by these.) For instance, height won’t change no matter how healthy we get. Put a star by it. If I am short-waisted and have a weak chin, all the weight control in the world won’t give me a longer torso and a stronger jawline. Do not put a star by the things you can fix with surgery—no surgery will ever help you make peace with the body you have been given. Even with a boob job, there will be other traits you despair over.

Universally, we easily identify flaws but we are thoroughly unaccustomed to acknowledging attributes. Was your design a mistake? If you believe in God you know, “He don’t make no junk.” So, what could possibly make us hold ourselves up to a fantasy standard that is unachievable (height, torso, chin) and therefore, by definition, inadequate?

The answer is gratitude. When I criticize myself I just plain forget to lose myself in gratitude. It is easier to knock my skinny lips and wide hips than it is to feel grateful for those hips ability to safely birth my glorious children. When I grumble about my thin hair I forget I got it from my beloved Grandma—no thin hair also means no Grandma. It is easier to hate my love handles than to recognize I go to bed without hunger. In India millions of orphaned street children live with hunger in crushing poverty and desperation, day-in-day-out, yet my compassion for those in need stops when all I can focus on is my own jelly belly. Gratitude is the answer. Gratitude is also the paradigm out of which true harmony with my body is achieved. I cannot properly “hear” my body’s messages if I am engaged in self-criticism, and it is by connecting to my body in a healthy way that I get prompts of what to eat and when to stop eating. Psychological warfare with myself won’t help me become permanently thin and healthy. Gratitude is the foundation for thinking thin.

For all those items above marked with a star or doodle, make peace with each one of them by identifying how they are a blessing in your life. Say aloud the following sentence:

Without (insert feature here) I would __________________________________________.

Personally, I am grateful for my muscular thighs. They weren’t designed for modeling skinny jeans but they were endowed with the strength to hike Angel’s Landing at Zion’s National Park with my children. My German thighs can dig dirt and squat in the yard, allowing me to grow herbs, vegetables, and flowers. My legs can dance West Coast Swing all night long and can do endless squats in a Zumba class. My thighs power big jumps in volleyball and help me lift heavy bags of flour and sugar for baking. I can waterski and snow ski without injury or exhaustion. On this lap I held all three of my babies. Most important, I can walk. I can run. How fantastic! These are thighs worthy of my gratitude. Never again will I disrespect my design by imagining I need legs different than the ones I have.

Tres Hatch is the author of Miracle Pill 10 Truths to Healthy, Thin, & Sexy.

Class Info:

Beauty From the Inside-Out with Tres Hatch & Leta Greene
Saturday, Aug. 6, 10 a.m. – noon
Transformation Station
class intro video:
class registration:

Tres Hatch 801-953-4276

Mind-Body Bridging

Mind-body Bridging is more than just practicing “mindfulness”.  It is “re-connecting” to one’s Source of power, goodness, healing and well-being. It is a new paradigm in living life at its best accessing our innate ability to solve problems and crisis proof one’s life.  In this body-mind state, one is essentially stress free, awareness is second nature and when things happen—as they always do—the ability to handle it is a natural response.  In this introductory class, you will get a “taste” of this life changing experiential method and way of living.

Come see Carol Ann Kent at the Transformation Station of Salt Lake City on Wednesday, August 3; 7:00pm-8:30pm.  Cost is $5-20 Love Offering.

Entrapment VS Empowerment

First let’s define what these words mean:

Entrapment: to bring unawares into difficulty or danger

Empowerment: to give power or authority to; to enable or permit


Do these definitions ring true for you?  Why, or why not?  What is the reality of your relationships and are you entrapping or empowering those you are close to be they friends, family or co-workers?

Who is benefitting in your relationships?  Do you work from a point of reference of win=win or is it a yes for you but no for the other person you are connecting with? How can you tell whether your are entrapping a person so you can blame them for your perceived problems or rather you are empowering the other person so they can grow and do what they need to do, regardless if it benefits you or not.

Come learn how I can help you to figure out what your next step is to create healthy relationships in your life.  This will be a fun, interactive class so be prepared to speak up and be prepared to be taken on the ride of your life.

This class will be taught as part of the Transformation Station of SLC’s Month of Momentum.  All classes are $5-20 love donation.  This class will be offered Monday, July 25th from 7pm-8:30pm.

Contact Connie at 801-654-1033 or at


More and More People are beginning to Awaken into the Roles of Teachers & Healers – They are the Pioneers of Consciousness for the New Era. These Pioneers are listening to their Internal Guidance and Sharing their Truth, Beauty, & Messages with the World. Though they Inspire Humanity to Enter into a state of Gnosis, Healing, & Transformation, many teachers and healers are struggling with their own Abundance because they don’t fully utilize the Key Points of Mastery that must be Established before True Success Can Be Achieved.

Join Master Teachers Phoenix Aurelius & Dawni Christensen for a 3-hour Intensive as they Share what it is to be a Powerful Teacher and Healer! You will Learn How to Determine Who You Really Are, What Goals You Really Have, Methods for Mastering Your Craft, Techniques for Embodying Your Message, Tools to Maintain a Neutral Perspective, How to Overcome Obstacles, Achieve Success, And Effectively Teach and Heal simply by Holding Space through Presence.

This class appeals to both Aspiring Pioneers and Seasoned Professionals alike. The Wisdom, Insights, Tools, Techniques, and Mastery of the Information in this class will be profoundly beneficial to Every Teacher, Healer, & Conscious Seed out there, despite prior experience or knowledge. Learn to be A Sun Unto Yourself, and by so doing, sharing Your Warmth and Light with all the World. Become a True Pioneer of Consciousness.


Be sure to come check this class out: Sunday July 24, 2011. 2-5pm at the Transformation Station of SLC.

The Heart of Power / The Power of the Heart

The Heart of Power / The Power of the Heart

A Somatic Approach to Embodied Compassion with Carol Lessinger

Friday, July 22nd 7:00 – 8:30pm


Somatically, compassion is located in the heart and power is expressed through the pelvis. Powerful compassion and compassionate power depend on the connection of heart and pelvis; areas we tend to disconnect through shallow breathing, uncomfortable movement patterns, tightened muscles and unconscious belief systems about what we permit.


What we experience as tightness is often associated with inner messages or beliefs that are simultaneously opposite to each other. For instance, our expression of power may be constrained because of its confusion with force and brutality, yet our power’s true nature desires expression to manifest our life purpose.


People who’ve worked with Carol have experienced improved posture, better alignment, less pain, freer movement in daily activities, and a deeper sense of serenity while meditating. In this class, there will be an introduction to what you and your world would be like if harsh self judgement is replaced with deep self compassion and if your felt sense of power is connected to your heart.


We will doing a gentle Awareness Through Movement® sequence either sitting or lying on floor.   Please wear loose clothing.  Jeans are not recommended. Layered clothing is recommended for your comfort. Please bring your curiosity and sense of humor.


Carol Lessinger has developed a way of working through her own personal exploration and over 30 years experience and as a movement teacher and healer. She’s a certified Feldenkrais Teacher who studied directly with Moshe Feldenkrais. She’s trained students in Cortical Field Reeducation,® and is a workshop presenter at Esalen Institute in CA. Her passion is to help people feel the role that movement awareness has in the expression of personal health at every level of consciousness.


If you have questions,

please contact Carol at  805 907 6875

or email her at


Do You Know Your Power?

Are you living the life you want?  Do you wake up each morning in anticipation of the adventure to come that day?  Do you end each day with feelings of deep gratitude for the gifts you received?  Do you face your experiences, good and bad alike, with zest and passion?  Are you happy?

Are you sure?

Maybe you are.  But I’ve seen too many people who say they’re completely happy with their lives, when really they’re just living the life they somehow fell into.  Maybe they’re living a life that they’ve been told is happiness, by their parents or their church or their friends.  They’ve come to terms with their existence.  They’ve accepted their lot.  They’ve settled for what they have.

That’s different than being happy.  That’s different than living their best life, filled with passion and joy.  They just don’t see it.  They’re afraid to see it, because it will mean facing that very painful truth that they could be more.  They deny their potential.  They deny their power.

Are you one of these people?  I used to be.

If you have the courage to admit it, I applaud you.  Now, what are you willing to do about it?

The first step is to find your power.  Your true power.  The power within you that literally can alter the world around you to fit your specifications.  The power that will give you true freedom.

It all starts with some very simple beliefs.  Many people believe things that take their power away.  We all have the ability to consciously change our beliefs, and there is a set of beliefs that give us power.  Most people don’t know about them.  Some people would deny them if they ever found out about them.  But they work.

My name is Ryan Hyer.  I am the founder of Man Power Coaching, an organization dedicated to helping men become powerful men.  A powerful man is strong, assertive, passionate, confident, authentic, has integrity, and knows how to form good relationships with men and women.

I’ll be teaching a class at the Transformation Station on Saturday, July 23rd from 10:00am to noon called “Increase Your Personal Power”.  During this class, I’ll tell you what true power is, and what beliefs give you that power.  These principles apply to both men and women, so everyone is welcome.  The cost is a love donation, suggested $5-$20, but nobody will be turned away.  If you’re ready to start living in your true power, I will see you there.  If you have questions, contact me at 801-425-3175 or

Grief to Gratitude: Diane Cunningham

Do you have insomnia, unexplained physical symptoms, anger, depression, forgetfulness and fear?  You may be walking with Grief and not even know it.

Grief comes from a variety of life events that result in loss: a job, a loved one, money, health, identity, relationships and possessions.

Grief and Gratitude are two paths of the same journey to wholeness.

Gandhi told us: My Life is my message.

Every morning you wake up and have 24-NEW hours to LIVE.  Every moment you can feel grateful for the life you are living or feel resentful for the life you don’t have.  Where are you on this journey to wholeness?

Your grief is your pathway to experiencing the power of gratitude in every moment of every day. Grief has many dimensions that often can pull you off your path, and experiencing gratitude can lead you to happiness, joy, abundance and love.

Virginia Satir reminds us: when dealing with grief or gratitude; what’s inside comes outside.

Buddha wrote in his Four Noble Truths: Attachment is the root of all suffering.


I know all about the messages and the attachments of your life since I have been coaching and training clients for the past 40 years. I say Namaste’ to you. . . your pain is my pain and your joy is my joy.  I honor the place where you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me. . .there is only one of us. I have experienced many losses in my life and have compassion for you.

Here are some of the myths about grieving:

We only grieve deaths


Only family members grieve


Grief is an emotional reaction


Individuals should leave grief at home


We slowly and predictably recover from grief


Grieving means letting go of the person who died


Grief finally ends


Grievers are best left alone

Diane Cunningham is a nurse who is a Life & Dream Coach. She is a Grief Relief Specialist who works with individuals who are going through a loss of any kind.

You are invited to come to the Grief to Gratitude Class at Transformation Station on Monday, July 18, 2011 at 7:00pm to learn about the truth surrounding myths about grief and much more.

You may contact Diane Cunningham for a Complementary Grief Relief Break-through Session  or to speak at your event at (801) 561 -0634 or


Tibetan bowl healing has far-reaching implications that occur on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.  Duke University and the University of North Carolina have added programs that link body, mind, and spirit to the treatment of cancer. Cancer prevention centers are utilizing sound as a vital part of the healing process for patients with astounding results.

Each 2 ½  group session includes a “symphony” played by Bill with 20 to 30 different Tibetan Healing Bowls.  Then each person will experience the bowls personally.  As a “hands on” experiential workshop, this is more than educational.  Attendees can actually realize some deep levels of healing, and great heights of clarity and understanding.  One must really experience the bowls in person to understand their healing abilities for the body and mind.

Call Canah Tedjamulia at 801-318-8244 to reserve your space and also for private sessions.