1979730_839326989422629_8781936680094674058_n Stress Relief for the Holidays with Hypnosis

  • Thursday November 13, 2014
    at 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

    Located at The Transformation Station of SLC, Ut

The Holidays are here – more parties, more shopping, more people on the roads and with it all comes with more stress!There are many things you can do to de-stress, but these activities only de-stress you after it has already happened. Come discover how you can train your brain to curtail the stress response before it happens.We’ll use some Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP techniques plus hypnosis to set up your mind to stress less.

Cost $10.

Holly Stokes,
The Brain Trainer
Contact Us, if you would like to rent “Event Space” for your classes, workshop or parties We are remarkable!
Cam Williams, Event Coordinator 801-529-5892

thanksgivingINVOKE THE MAGIC OF 1111 ….ON 11/11 AT 1111 BRICKYARD .

All our welcome to join us as we sit together in gratitude of each other and the family and friends surrounding us. Food list coming soon of what you can bring and what we will supply!

Tuesday, November 11 at 5:30pm
So most likely we have given you and idea of just how versatile Transformation Station is and can be. We are here to help you in many ways with you teaching, learning and loving your world. Contact us we will be delighted to hear about what you at creating.
Events and Outreach

The Gratitude House Concert

The Gratitude House Concert will feature Lezlee Snow Monroe, performing on keys and vocals, songs of gratitude and healing for the season with group participation moments.
Date: Wed Nov 12th
At: The Transformation Station
1111 Brickyard Road (3190 S) Suite 202 (there is an elevator) in Salt Lake City
7:30 to 9:00 p.m.
Lezlee is a singer/songwriter/keyboardist/recording artist, vocal coach and Master Rapid Eye Technician (trauma release and healing). This is a night dedicated to healing on all levels, from momentary get-away-from-the-day to relief from deeper grief and stress as the “happy” holidays move closer.
$10-$20 donation requested.
Come join us at The Gratitude House Concert featuring Lezlee Snow Monroe, performing on keys and vocals, songs of gratitude and healing for the season with group participation moments.
Date: Wed Nov 12th
concert at Transformation Station
Interested in holding a concert at the Transformation Station? A Holiday party, Teach a Class? An amazing place to as well to rent a Therapy Room. We are here for you! Contact us, Cam Williams 801-529-5892 or event@transformationstation.com
Read about us and Join Us!

cam williams headshot 2013Cam Williams is out reach and branding for Transformation Station of SLC. She is our online marketing specialist. She is responsible for  building and creating our newsletter, event coordinating, In house class development and support our current fifteen practitioners in our company. 

In addition she builds our video shorts, blogs and stream lines marketing for the Transformation Station Community. Cam is supported by the staff and members of the Transformation Station, she is humbled and grateful for those that assist her in tasks at hand. Cam Williams is published Author of the books, The Utah Guide to Healthy Living and the National Guide to Alternative Health care. Cam has been involved personally in the Deeksha process of Awakening for the past 4 years, involved in health and wellness for 20+ years and has been a seeker of the Divine in all those she is blessed to server. Cam is widely known in our community and deeply respected for her abilities to be of kind service and stellar seem less events.
For more details of how we can serve you and your needs.
Cam has been with us for the last four weeks her work has been powerful Below what has been produced.
  • Adding morning 9 am classes Monday through Friday.
  • Adding noon classes and workshops Monday through Friday.
  • Filling our Event Rm with Special Guest from around the world.
  • Communicating and involved with local business, through partnerships and events.
  • Studying the NoviChi light sound therapy to enhance our practice.
  • Creating a store for our local artist to display and sell their work.
  • Adding her life time of abilities to connect providers on a global level with her Marketing for Gurus Directory.

Contact her!

10447622_10152433180728295_2933569662555273077_n (1)

Halloween Costume joy and rapture… all are invited to a grand gathering focused on joy and celebration… costumes are highly encouraged yet not required.

6:45 pm Opening sacred chant with Ken
7pm Deeksha… Deb, Steve and Kopo on the harp
7:45pm sacred movement by Diane Christiansen
8pm to 10 pm fun, lively, high energy DJ Wesley Jordan… dancing, puppet show, kava ceremony, yummy treats
Decorations by Janeen and Robert, Water from Alex Hogan at Water Wellness. Call Bonnie Elizabeth, for more details- 8016940787

Held at Transformation Station

1111 E. Brickyard Rd.

Salt Lake City, Ut.

6:45pm to 10 pm


Transformation Station Presents: NoviChi
Anti-Aging and Regeneration Intro
Brought to you by NoviChi founders
Kevin & Julia J Johnson
Free sample sessions will be available for those who are
Interested in a personal NoviChi experience:
NoviChi Anti-aging protocols include:
Eye support for aging eyes
Brain support for the aging brain
Musculoskeletal protocols for joints, aches, and pain
Organ Support protocols for organ function
Arthritis protocol
Anti-aging regeneration protocol
Guest Speaker Debbie Hardison will share her NoviChi experience.
Please join us on October 30, 2014 at 7:00 pm
Address: 1111 E. Brickyard Rd. (3190 S.) Salt Lake City

— at Transformation Station of Salt Lake City.


Julia J. Johnson

NoviChi, Founder

71Welcoming Guest Speaker Dr. Ken West to Utah from Cape Town, So. Africa

Join us for this once in a life opportunity at
​Transformation Station ​
on the evening of the

​ 1 st ​of October/2014

​Dr. Ken ​West will be providing a brief overview of his work ​(No Cost)​and then will offer the opportunity to “reset”
​For those who are interested​ here are the details~ ​
​Transformation Station
1111 Brickyard Rd.
Salt Lake City, Utah
6:30 pm meet and greet

7:00 pm ​

​October 1, 2014 ​
7-9 pm

​An​ awakening evening. Join us!

Your invited to hear our guest speaker, Dr. Ken West. At no cost.

You are​ also​ invited to ​stay and ​do the Reset process if you choose with the group for $​100​.00 for each series of Resets, or ​individual​ reset can be booked with D​r. Ken West at 575-799-9871​

Extremely important you RSVP seating is limited to 100. camwilliams1@gmail.com ( We currently have about 20 seats left) ​801-529-5892 feel free to text to save a seat for you! ​
Reset your subconscious programming! Dr. Ken West, will be presenting information on his energy technologies which incorporates sacred geometry to reprogram or “reset” the subconscious. This results in the elimination of old patterns that limit your perceptions of yourself and others. (Life Changer!)

Information about Dr. West:

Dr. Ken West is visiting Utah from Cape Town, South Africa during the next month and will be conducting informative presentations to discuss his work. He will share the way we can free ourselves from the subconscious programs that cause us to experience life as a struggle and open us to being able to experience life as abundance, joy, and grace.

Dr. West has worked in integrating the mind, body and spiritual connection. He has addressed challenges in sport performance, A.D.D. A.D.H.D, autism,

​ ​other learning disabilities, emotional issues,​ PTSD​ and release from the effects of limiting belief systems. Awakening experience… back to our essence.

Dr. West has developed a process, using a combination of “energy” technologies to reprogram our subconscious. This process allows us to eliminate the negative programs we have that cause us to attract pain, disease, depression, and other self-destructive patterns.

​A unique Sacred Geometry in motion series. ​

By deleting these self-destructive programs in our subconscious we can change our “default” patterns to those of positive, healing, and supportive programs. Dr. West’s process “resets” or reboots the mind and has helped many to achieve significant, positive life changes.

At the conclusion of the presentation at

​Transformation Station​, Dr. West will offer a “reset” to any who are interested for $​100​.00. Either an individual session or group session will also be available.

Dr. Kenneth West has traditional medical training as an Optometrist but is visionary in working in areas that are yet uncharted. Dr. West Lectured at Oxford University for five years in a graduate program called: The Science and Medicine of Athletic Performance.

*He has worked extensively with Olympic Gold Medalists, World Champions, and other elite athletes on an international and national level in 45 different sports.

The comparative investigation between international sports and the chronic disease process has helped develop the process that Dr. West works with. He has done extensive investigative studies with some publication in professional journals and many invited lectures/workshops around the world.


From: Lenis Allen, about her work with Dr. Ken West.

My experience with the “reset” process is PURE GRACE. I experienced changes in myself within a few days of

my first “reset”…….that I had been seeking for years…..and it …

has just continued !!! This work has gone to my core and it has been fast, deep, and profound like

nothing else I’ve done! I feel so free, joyful, content, and grateful! Dr. West is a complete instrument in the Creator’s hands.

From: Marilynn Phipps, After seeing Dr. West I ran Kings Peak the tallest mountain in Utah, I was running across this long meadow and I realized that I was alone with my thoughts. I had so much mental clarity, no fog in my brain, no chatter in my head, and all the old negative thoughts from my whole life were gone. I realized that it was just me I was alone with my thoughts of success and love for everyone. It was an amazing feeling of being me. I could now create my life the way I have seen it.

I kept waiting for this feeling of Bliss to go away, and it hasn’t.

I love my new life.

Thanks Ken


The exchange for this “resetting” process is shown below and may be accomplished in either a group or individual setting. Some of us benefit from a layering process of experiencing the “reset” images in a series of sessions with 3-5 days between. Others are ready (energetically and financially) for the process to be accomplished in one session.

Group Session:

​Transformation Station,​ Class no cost, reset following class $​10​0.00.​ Each series of reset is 100.00 ​
​Please RSVP as seating is limited to 801-529-5892 ​

tslogPaint Your Art Out!!!!! with Shawn Gallaway …..Intuitive Art Sessions
Sunday, September 28, 2014
Brought to you by the Transformation Station
Fee: $35.00
This workshop is designed to explore the medium of painting by accessing the internal artist through meditation and movement. As we activate the emotional body, and come from a place of feeling, we can discover the rich inner worlds that come to life as one express’s the souls light through the use of living color. They are great for anyone interested in adding depth of feeling to their present work, feeling creatively stifled or blocked, or for those choosing to heal childhood experiences of shame related to the arts. They’re very insightful, great fun and a great way to lighten up and let go!

Some paint and brush supplies will be available. Please bring 2 poster boards or art paper.

See our up and coming events : http://transformationstationslc.com/schedule-of-events/

Holiday Grief – Help and Tips

The leaves are falling and Fall is in the air.  Halloween has come and gone. To your amazement, Christmas music is already playing and it is early November.  Getting ready for Christmas used to be your favorite thing to do:  i.e. cards, decorating, baking cookies for the grandchildren and planning that special gift for each person.


Now Christmas has become your most dreaded time of the year because your loved one is gone. You ask yourself, “How am I going to survive this year without him or her?”


There are hundreds of people in this same situation and here are some tips that worked over time:


  • Plan ahead for Christmas and what you want you to do this year.
  • Be sure to include important family members in making your decision so no one’s feelings get hurt.


  • Options to consider in your Christmas planning:
  • Do you want to do a traditional thing as always?
  • Do you want to change the tradition by adding something new?
  • Do you want to skip Christmas all together this year?
  • Do you want to celebrate the winter season by going on a trip or cruise?


  • Look at your priorities once you have made a decision on how you and your family want to celebrate Christmas.  Remember that everything doesn’t have to be perfect. Trying to be perfect doesn’t serve us and it can be very frustrating.


  • Let others help you with what you would like to have done.
  • If you can afford it, have dinner catered.
  • You can have a potluck with family and friends.
  • Go to someone else’s house for dinner.


  • Be sure to remember that we all go through the stages of grieving at a different pace. If you feel that you are stuck in a phase, please get help through a local support group or work with a professional counselor.


I am Diane Cunningham a certified Life & Dream Coach.  I work with Baby Boomers and anyone who is facing life’s challenges to create a more fulfilling life.  For more tips on the “Holiday Grief – Help and Tips” read and comment on my website Blog or attend my upcoming teleseminars.  If you need help I would love to help you!  For more information on how I can be of service to you, please email me at coachdiane@amazinglifeafter60.com

Pillossage, Thermal Connective Tissue Release, Thermal Pillow Massage Bodywork Techniques
Original massage modality developed by Karen Kowal, RN, LMT, NCTMB,  NCBTMB Provider #451143-09

Description   Pillossage™ is a groundbreaking modality that combines hands-on techniques with specifically designed thermal flax pillows. 
These innovative protocols deepen the therapeutic effect.

Mission   The mission of Pillossage™ training is to educate and excite bodyworkers to successfully integrate the age-old property of heat  with compression and stretching in new and creative ways.
Global Vision
   Pillossage™ therapy will revolutionize the way healthcare professionals approach pain management.  Our vision is a world in which a thermal flax pillow becomes a bodyworker’s second  favorite tool. 


Pillossage™ and Thermal Connective Tissue Release will help the therapist slowly and gently work through the layers of soft tissue to reach the deeper origins of pain as deep as the periosteum.  Level 2 includes extensive Self-Care techniques using Mother Earth Pillows® that will help you maintain your body while teaching your clients how to maintain the work you have done during their session and how to achieve Self-Care for their specific pain patterns.

Clients often want ‘deep-tissue-massage’ but if discomfort is created by the therapist during the massage session, natural guarding will actually increase pain.  This may block your opportunity to reach the causative factors of pain.  Using Thermal Therapy, the therapist can access deep tissues that otherwise are too painful to affect.

Classes teach you how to add  stretching, movement, Assisted Gravitational Stretching and focused compression.  Clients benefit from increased range of motion and decreased pain and leave your table simply amazed!

Pillossage classes remain small to assure 1 on 1 attention for all techniques taught.  Class content will inspire the new therapist as well as intrigue and excite the experienced therapist. Classes cover theory along with approx 80% hands-on exchanges. 

and Thermal Connective Tissue Release Techniques can be used alone or to create one of the freshest, most innovative Massage Modalities to be introduced in years!  Finally, therapy tools that deliver increased therapy & value for clients with less strain for the therapist.

Feedback from each class has been positive and therapists find  the new techniques are applied in almost all their client sessions.  You’ll love the therapy you receive as you learn!


Training class to be held at the Transformation Station on Tuesday, October 25th from 9am-6pm.  $100 for 8CEUs.  To sign up contact Karen at karen@MotherEarthPillows.com or call 800-344-2072.