Angela Gifford and Greg Carter are the co-creators of the Transformation Station Community Wellness Center.  Angela is the owner of Touch of an Angel Massage.  Greg is the Director of Salt Lake Healing Tao.  They met when they were studying martial arts  in the 1990’s.  They started learning Qigong exercises in 2003 with Mantak Chia’s Healing Tao system.   Also, both have a background in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy.

Angela Gifford, Licensed Massage Therapist, graduated from Myotherapy College of Utah in 2001. Her specialty is tuning into your body and finding out what it needs for that day. She has been trained in an advanced form of Abdominal massage called “Chi Nei Tsang” and loves to do a combination of Swedish massage, Foot Reflexology, and Shiatsu. She has also been certified as an Advanced I(ntegrative)-Health Practitioner. I-Health is a very comprehensive “Light and Sound” computer system from the Netherlands, which can analyze and address your needs on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level at the same time.


Angela has a very strong maternal presence that creates a safe space for every modality that she works in. Clients leave her office feeling very relaxed, well taken care of, and feeling better in every way.

Mike & Christine Gifford are Sponsors of the Transformation Station.  They are the Founders of the Say Yes to Abundant Living Foundation.  Visit their website at:  www.SayYesToHealth.com

Other community sponsors of the Transformation Station are:

We have teachers who specialize in a wide variety of topics. They include:

Gina Anderson

Gina Anderson is a Holistic Lifestyle Advocate and Educator, a Deeksha Blessing Giver, an Urban Shaman-Minister for the Open Mind Foundation, a Sound Therapy and Meditation Facilitator, Product Expert and a Master Networker.  She is interested in HOW the body works and WHY and ways that we can assist our bodies in healing itself. Gina incorporates all aspects of mind, body and spiritual healing into her practice by empowering and educating those seeking to reach their health goals.

Susan Lee Andersen

Susan Lee Andersen is a Reconnective Healing Facilitator trained in Theta I, McKay Method I, PSYCH-K, and  Quantum Tapping, She has a BS, from the University of Utah in Sociology and is a minister with the Universal Life Church. Reconnective Healing is all-inclusive and can be powerful.   Each person’s healing experience is appropriate for them.  The healing may be emotional, physical, mental, spiritual or comprehensive.

Connie Bowden

Connie Bowden is a Certified Nursing Assistant and Licensed Massage Therapist who does a special technique called “Body Listening”. She hosts a “Being Yourself” class and Support Group on the 2nd Wed of each month. To know yourself first you need to be attend her class to hear What you know and what you don’t know It’s the beginning to knowing yourself and your life.

Tracy Cash

Tracy Cash is a compassionate old soul who finds deep purpose and meaning in serving others as they discover their own way of living authentically and vibrantly. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is passionate about natural, holistic living and healing, Tracy has found Reiki to be invaluable and comforting through many aspects of her own journey over the past 10 years. When she finds something that works, she shares it with everyone! With this enthusiastic spirit, Tracy provides Reiki treatments and classes to support those who also wish to create balance and vibrant health for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Dawni Christensen

Dawni Christensen is a Spirit Whisperer committed to assisting people with stepping into their power and divinity. She speaks at events, lead workshops, classes and retreats. She enjoys doing one-on-one sessions where she uses a combination of Reiki, coaching and Angel/Oracle cards to clear blocks and create clarity and motivation. She is the event coordinator and photographer for The Transformation Station.

Denise Spainhower Christiansen

Denise Spainhower Christiansen is PASSIONATE about Transformation. She is an INSPIRATIONAL listener. With a deep, personal CONNECTIONS with others. She has a desire to ENRICH lives and teach tools that Can make powerful TRANSFORMATIONS. She is a powerful, COMPASSIONATE healer and hsd s great desire to EASE pain and suffering as she has had to experience in my life.

Susy Colvin

Susy Colvin has been able to heal with stone energy since the age of three. She has an amazing unique intuitive ability to communicate with the healing stones and use them to clear and balance your chakras. She then uses specific stone’s energies to focus on her client’s specific need. The physical, mental, emotional & spiritual may all be addressed in the same session. This is to aid and stimulate the body to heal itself.

Sue Corder

Bio Coming Soon

Louis Darger – Being Love Center

Reverend Louis Darger is an ordained non-denominational minister of the “Being Love Center”. He offers his services through group meditation, individual spiritual counseling and intuitive healing sessions. He comes from an extensive background in practicing and teaching various bodywork modalities. He believes that all of us have the capacity to connect with our higher self and therefore live a happy and balanced life. He is also available to perform celebration ceremonies for any occasion.

Graham Davis

Bio Coming Soon

Linda Healy


Linda Healy, Personal Growth Coach offers private sessions in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique),  which can help you identify your blocks and clear them effectively.  EFT is effective for a variety of issues, including but not limited to: phobias, food cravings, stress, grief, and more.  She offers AromaTouch therapy which combines essential oils using key points of the body which facilitates the body’s own healing.   Shift your focus…Change the picture…Create a new future.

Sandra Jones

Sandra Jones is an intuitive compassionate healer who has the gift of seeing past the ego to the real you. She does this is order to connect with her client’s higher self to assist them to know the next step on their personal path. She uses a variety of modalities including the Runes, Healing Codes, Essential Oils; including working in partnership with her daughter using the Healing Stones.

Shari Philpott-Marsh

Shari Philpott-Marsh was called to the path of a healer/teacher in 1993, when she began teaching yoga and studying Reiki and energy medicine. Deep shamanic work and personal clearing further prepared Shari as a healer. She is on a journey to fully awaken the highest vibrations of love, light and healing – and to facilitate this in others. Shari’s studies include Contemporary Shamanism, Vajrayana Buddhism, Yoga, Reiki, Seiki Jutsu, Tibetan Bön Shamanism, and massage therapy. She is known for creating a safe, compassionate space where you can deeply release emotional pain and patterns that are standing in your way.

Melodee Millar

Melodee Millar – Licensed Massage Therapist graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy in 1997. Her specialties include: deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, and prenatal massage. She loves to travel and has a heart of gold. Her healing touch melts away chronic pain and soothes tired muscles.

John Phillips

International Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist Trainer, Master Life Coach, and NLP Master John R. Phillips, CCHT, M.NLP puts his 18 years of experience to work assisting people with improving their quality of life. His practice emphasizes that hypnosis is not magic, as often portrayed on TV. It’s actually a type of intensely focused concentration in which the hypnotized person can access their subconscious and uncover the mental blocks preventing their personal transformation. Through hypnosis, he helps people quit smoking with a lifetime guarantee, rapidly lose weight, create success, and even overcome phobias. He truly knows that no condition is out of bounds for hypnosis. Truly, he helps people succeed, where nothing else has worked.

Helping people using Hypnosis & NLP is his life’s passion! When he is able to help someone overcome a lifelong problem such as a major fear, low self-esteem, or habit in a very short amount of time, he knows he is living his purpose! If you want to see a few examples, feel free to visit his testimonials page. He loves helping people live lives free of stress, fears, and pain; making them happier, light up, and be successful in ways they never thought possible.

Natillie Read – Energy Enlightenment

Natillie Read offers a unique blend of methods and brings a wide range of tools and spiritual philosophy into her practice. She lives a life of unconditional loving, and through this she is able to create connection and safety easily. She is fun-loving and playful, and really enjoys exploring the mysteries of life and love. She specializes in Rapid Eye Technology, which is a therapy that replicates “deep-sleep” healing to help with the releasing of trauma and grief.

Jon Scheffres (Guru Prasad) – Kundalini Yoga

Jon Scheffres (Guruprasad Singh, MA, LPC) is a psychotherapist and a teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. He grew up near Chicago and is a graduate of Brandeis University. In 1989 he completed a Masters of Counseling (Psychology) degree at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has made Salt Lake City his home and is happily married to the love of his life. He is a devoted father and looks at each day as an opportunity to learn and grow in experience. In his Life counseling practice he collaborates with bringing in the spiritual awareness and unique philosophies to help his clients better their lives and creating break through experiences. His Kundalini yoga classes are extremely informative, insightful and uplifting. His warm-hearted nature makes you feel comfortable and welcomed.

Rev. Christopher T. Scuderi – Universal Heart Ministries

Rev. Christopher T. Scuderi of Universal Heart Ministry is a non-denominational community minister providing a wide range of services covering every major life event or rite of passage and so much more. From the cradle to the grave, whether it be baby blessings, weddings or funerals, he custom writes each ceremony to reflect the religious, non-religious or uniquely spiritual wishes of those he serves.

Kim Sieber

Kim Sieber is a Clinical Psychologist, Behavioral Health Consultant, and Health Care Advocate who offers a holistic, individualized, and collaborative approach to treating stress-related conditions. She specialize in treating chronic pain, debilitating medical conditions, and other stress-related illnesses, including obesity, depression, cardiac disease, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, PTSD, caregiver burden, Bipolar Disorder, and just about anything else you can throw at her.

Francisco Soto

Francisco Soto offers Iridology which is the science that studies the health of the human body through the iris. He also does Live Blood Assessment which is a simple procedure for obtaining quick and accurate assessment of the blood for nutritional and educational purposes. He is also certified in acupressure which may help relieve pain, improve circulation and aid the flow of energy through the body.

Holly Stokes – Brain Trainer Coach

Holly Stokes is “The Brain Trainer” who helps busy professionals train their brain out of: anxiety, fears, self criticism, depression, worry, stress, and limited thinking. She helps achievers find their motivation and passion for living through Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Hypnosis. She has developed programs for weight loss, business success, and life happiness. She is the author of two books and several CDs.

Cam Williams

Cam Williams is out reach and branding for Transformation Station of SLC. She is our online marketing specialist. She is responsible for building and creating our newsletter, event coordinating, In house class development and support our current fifteen practitioners in our company.

In addition she builds our video shorts, blogs and stream lines marketing for the Transformation Station Community. Cam is supported by the staff and members of the Transformation Station, she is humbled and grateful for those that assist her in tasks at hand.

Cam Williams is published Author of the books, The Utah Guide to Healthy Living and the National Guide to Alternative Health care. She has been involved personally in the Deeksha process of Awakening for the past 4 years, involved in health and wellness for 20+ years and has been a seeker of the Divine in all those she is blessed to server. Cam is widely known in our community and deeply respected for her abilities to be of kind service and stellar seem less events.

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